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BAYSIDE MENTAL HEALTH and SUBSTANCE ABUSE HOUSING ("B.M.H.S.A.H.") provides a sober environment during recovery.  BAYSIDE HOUSING serves as the conduit to successful independent living. The program leads people suffering with mental health illnesses, and addiction to recovery; and helps those individuals to become productive citizens in the community.

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The primary purpose of B.M.H.S.A.H. is to establish enough self governing recovery houses that afford a willing opportunity for every recovering individual to learn a clean, sober way of coping with life.

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BAYSIDE housing and its collaboration with professional Intensive outpatient treatment services are for individuals with Substance Abuse with Mental Health problems.  Below is a list of a few:


• Depression can occurs in individuals of all ages. Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can be known and documented as clinical depression. It also can be an on set of everyday life situations noting that fear and anger can lead the way for depression.


• Bipolar are radical emotional changes such as mood swings, from manic highs to depressive lows. The majority experience alternating episodes of mania (an elevated or euphoric mood or irritable state) and depression.


• Anxiety Disorders include post-traumatic stress syndrome, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, Symptoms: are manifested through physical symptoms like excessive perspiration, shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeats, multiple intense tension headaches which accelerate and slows-down body functions.


These disorders occur when there is a disruption in normal brain processing and causes various symptoms leading to cases of chronic depressive symptoms. The symptoms are severe, chronic change in a person disposition such as persistent extreme high and low moods.  Our trained professionals work with treatment centers.



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SUBSTANCE ABUSE(Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery)Alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, compulsive, and progressive diseases that require professional attention and help to overcome the illness that also affects those around them and plagues communities abroad. In particular, moderate-, low-and very low income households are affected.


Professionals of B.M.H.S.A.H. work closely with treatment centers while ensuring that BAYSIDE houses are managed properly as a clean and sober safe haven for individuals on the road to recovery.




B.M.H.S.A.H. affords a sober environment for residents that occupy the premises. The cost is reasonably affordable.


B.M.H.S.A.H. provides the following so that residents acquire discipline and deal with matters democratically:


Decent supportive self-governing housing that affords a clean, sober environment

Recruits initial residents

Trained professionals that work with treatment centers

Administers, educates, and motivates its residents in recovery programs

Administers HIV prevention workshops

Empowers residents to carry out civic responsibilities.

Leads communities to recovery


“Individual’s who suffer from the disease of addiction, suffers from a feeling disease. The disease is mental, spiritual, and compulsive. The disease has no known medical cure. Positive Spiritual Principles to live by, is the only thing that will help combat the disease of addiction and keep the disease arrested.”






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